With our expeditions you have the unique opportunity to experience holidays differently and particularly intense. Adventure is guaranteed during your complete trip. Feel another relation towards nature in which you will stay around the clock. Mostly you will not sleep in a hotel, at most in a tree house. Apart from that the first choice will be a tent or a hammock. Our expeditions are organised professionally and all the details are fine tuned with our local partners. Competent guides give you an understanding of the unknown flora and fauna and at the same time ensure that all situations are being coped with, no matter if a scheduled track suddenly becomes impassable or the weather causes problems. Improvisation might be important throughout the journey. Already now you can discover the unknown jungle of Nicaragua. Soon it will be possible to meet isolated tribes living in the rain forest of Papua. Future projects of MEET THE GLOBE lead to the tropical rainforest of Guyana. Do not just watch some fascinating documentary in the TV. Be an active part right in the middle of a stunning experience. Be a real member of an expedition.