The Maasai (sometimes also Masai) are one of the most famous African ethnic groups and live in Southern Kenya as well as in Northern Tanzania. Their exact number is very difficult to estimate because of various reasons and ranges between 500.000 and 1.000.000. The traditional Maasai live a nomadic life as cowherds and warriors meaning they normally burn down their village after running out of grass for the animals. Then they move to the next suitable spot and erect a new village. However, many Maasai already gave up this life and settled down at one place. This poses a tremendous impact and influences the rich traditional culture significantly. At the same time many problems of modern times arise. Waste disposal is one of them. Others are overpopulation and the growing numbers of cattle. Latter play a very important role in the culture as their religion tells them they own all the cattle across the globe. Stealing cattle was and partly still is seen as legitimate and often caused riots or even wars against other peoples or even within the Maasai community. The strict traditions of the Maasai enabled them to have a standing army at all times because the different stages of life always kept young men under training as warriors. That is the reason why the Maasai were widely feared. But since more than 100 years they have to bemoan dispossessions of their land. Mostly they were not even asked and the responsible governments handed over the land to settlers or contracts were drawn up with deadlines. If not being opposed they just became effective. Thereby it was clear that the Maasai possibly could not read or had no interest at all to leave their habitat to reach the big cities for negotiations. Today some Maasai also live in the cities and earn money with normal jobs. But that is not the case for the vast majority. This number fights for its identity and culture. Some accepted tourism as a source of income and rely on it. Others still live isolated from foreign cultures. This variety MEET THE GLOBE wants to give you an understanding of. Meet Maasai in safari camps, as guides during safaris, during visits in solid Maasai villages, and experience how others still live as nomads. MEET THE GLOBE offers you authentic and deep insights into a life which is endangered, no matter if you want to form your own impressions of this fascinating people only for an hour, for a day or even for several weeks.