Papua - Special expedition Wamena Highland Show, Korowai, and Asmat - July/August 2022


27.07 - 12.08.2022

Special expedition to Papua including a visit to the colourful Baliem Cultural Festival in the highlands of Wamena as well as a visit to the Korowai and Asmat tribes.

Three highlights in one tour! The Highland Show in the Baliem Valley has already been internationally popular since several years and more and more visitors are coming every year. The number of decorated highland warriors increases yearly as well. Groups from all the highland regions gather in Wamena to present their unique clan cultures and compete in several ancient disciplines. No Papua fan should miss this highlight!
Thereafter you continue to the Korowai forest nomads and the Asmat. The Korowai live very traditionally in tree houses up to 40 metres height, hidden deep in the forest of West Papua, until this day. The Korowai are one of the most original tribes in Papua and visiting them is a very special experience. From the Korowai area it takes about one day by boat to reach the Asmat. The people of the Asmat are world famous for their craftsmanship and imposing men houses. We will be part of a big dance ceremony where a full village is involved. The Asmat area we will leave with a small charter plane to Timika.


Individual arrival in Denpasar, Bali latest until 27.07.2022. Gladly we organise your arrival and departure additionally for you.

Arrival in Denpasar, Bali. Either individual arrival or organised additionally by MEET THE GLOBE against extra charge. Transfer to the Hotel Ida in Kuta. The rest of the day is to relax. Shortly before midnight there will be the transfer to the airport.

Around 01.50 am flight with Garuda Indonesia to Jayapura, Papua. Arrival in the morning and after a short transit we take another 35 minutes scheduled flight with Trigana Air to Yahokimo (Dekai), located at the upper reaches of Brazza River. We visit the local market for the last shopping before the tour. After lunch at a local restaurant we drive to the harbour. For the 28 km we need about 1 hour. We meet our motor longboat and our crew awaits us. Today we plan to go downstream for 2 hours until we reach the village of Patipi Dibawa. Here we raise our first tented camp right next to the river. This short stage today gives us an impression of what awaits us during the next days: jungle landscapes in the essence!

We have an early breakfast in the morning before we continue to go downstream with our longboat. Along Brazza River we are passing amazing prime forest landscapes. Hornbills, flying foxes and other birds often startle when our boat appears. We will reach the mouth of the mighty Siret River around noon. After our lunch break in a common settlement we go upstream along Siret River to the Korowai settlement Mabul. Driving upstream Siret River changes its face; the current gets stronger, sand banks appear, big tree trunks often block parts of the way, less and less local boats appear. Depending on the water level, our today’s boat trip takes around 8 hours. Under best circumstances, we will reach Mabul in the afternoon. Mabul is a small settlement of Korowai people who were attracted by the Indonesian government to leave behind their nomadic lifestyle in the forest and to settle down. We will use this settlement as the starting point of our trekking into the Korowai corridor. After we set up our tents and kitchen we will start recruiting our porters for the next days. With a little bit of luck we can set up our tents inside an empty stilt house

We meet our escort team after breakfast. Our entire luggage and our food for the next days will be carried by our porters. We leave Mabul in easterly direction. Only some 50 metres and we are standing in thick forest which we will not leave for the next days. Today we need approximately 5 hours until we reach our first destination. Maybe we reach Manopteropo, a fantastic jungle settlement with 6 tree houses or we visit another small village. In this area we have plenty of possibilities and our expedition programme is very flexible. In any case the traditionally dressed Korowai give us a friendly welcome. We will build our tented camp next to the tree houses. In some settlements sometimes there is a possibility to set up your tent inside a tree house if you wish - in 6 or 25 metres height!

Today we will follow several Korowai families into the sago forest. Here we will experience a spectacle from another world. The forest nomads chop a huge sago palm with their stone axes, open the trunk, and start smashing the sago pulp. The gained sago pulp is further processed by women who wash it in primitive washing installments – build only from leaves, branches, and rotan. The pure sago is the staple food for all jungle dwellers. Camera enthusiasts will probably never forget this day! In the afternoon we return to the tree houses where our cook starts preparing our next real jungle dinner: maybe we will have papaya vegetables, sago larvae, and plantains! The kitchen will surprise us every day with new exotic viands.

We will spend a second day with the friendly forest nomads. Today maybe they show us how to repair a tree house in crazy heights, or how to make and use bow and arrow – the most important weapon here. Or we join the Korowai on a journey into the forest to seek food. They are true hunters and gatherers and within a few hours their nets are filled with spiders, larvae, locusts and other exotic animals. They even shoot flying foxes from the trees. And again we can look forward to another first class exotic dinner! 

Today we say good bye to our friendly hosts. Back in Mabul we still have time to take a look at the local craftsmanship. One piece or the other, for example a fantastic bone knife, is a perfect souvenir for every visitor and a true proof that you really have been visiting the Stone Age!

 In the morning we leave Mabul and drive down the river in our motor longboat. We again pass the mouth of Brazza River after some 2 hours. Downstream the strong current makes our journey much quicker. Shortly thereafter we reach Binam/Suator the first bigger settlement with a small kiosk, situated on the upper reach of Siret River. Here we need to fill up our petrol and it is also time for lunch in a small local warung. We continue to Wowi, a typical Citak settlement, right across the mouth of the powerful Wildemann River. And it is also the home of our boatman. We will build our tents next to his house or even within his house and will use his kitchen place for our dinner. A small tour through the settlement gives a very good insight into the lives of the people here.

Today we spend the whole day downstream in the boat until we reach Kaimo, the first typical Asmat settlement. Our tents and kitchen will be set up inside a traditional men house (Jeu). Spending the night in this impressive house with its ancestor poles and fire places is a unique experience itself.

We continue by boat until we reach Beriten, a smaller Asmat settlement with a mighty men houses and a settlement known for its Asmat craftsmanship. After our arrival the inhabitants quickly bring all their art treasures to the men house and a lively bazaar is created. On such occasions, one often finds unusual and inexpensive objects, such as one cannot find in any other official shop. After lunch we continue about 2 more hours to Uwus. A big ceremony will take place in the afternoon. We will spend the night with our tents in one of the 3 men houses.

In the morning we ride through a narrow river channel, right through the mangrove forest. This is a spectacular journey, as our boat goes past the thick jungle and we can enjoy the view of lots of beautiful plants from a very close distance. Already at around 10 am we will reach Agats, the “capital city” of Asmat. Here we will stay in Hotel Anggrek, a small, clean, and quiet hotel. As all the other buildings in Agats, also Hotel Anggrek is built on wooden stilts. In the afternoon we will visit the very interesting Asmat Museum which collected a big amount of unique Asmat artifacts. The collection gives a very good overview on the different Asmat cultures and styles of craftsmanship. Agats is a town without cars and during our short tour through the center we will be surprised how many people nonetheless live here.

In the early morning transfer by boat from Agats to the airfield of Ewer. Here our charter plane to Timika awaits us. The aircraft most likely will be a Cessna Caravan with a flying time to Wamena of about 60 minutes. Wamena has around 12.000 inhabitants and is the only bigger settlement in this area. We will transfer to The Baliem Valley Resort which lies 1.900 m above sea level. Lunch and dinner will be served at the resort. No additional activities are planned for the rest of the day.

Transfer to the festival ground in Wosilimo/Kurulu district. Here, we will admire the big opening ceremony from 09.00 am to 04.00 pm.
The following programme is planned:

1. Performance tribal war
2. Competitive games for children, teenager and visitor
3. Attraction of the day: Feast with traditional cooking in the earth pit
4. Performance of traditional dances
5. Competition in archery
6. Competition in javelin
7. Competition in manufacturing traditional craftsmanship
8. Competition in playing the traditional jaw harp

We are returning to the resort in the afternoon.

Transfer to the festival ground in Wosilimo/Kurulu district. Here, we will admire the big opening ceremony from 09.00 am to 04.00 pm.
The following programme is planned:

1. Performance tribal war
2. Competitive games for children, teenager and visitor
3. Attraction of the day: Feast with traditional cooking in the earth pit
4. Performance of traditional dances
5. Competition in archery
6. Competition in javelin
7. Competition in manufacturing traditional craftsmanship
8. Competition in playing the traditional jaw harp

We are returning to the resort in the afternoon.

In the morning transfer to the airport for the flight to Jayapura. After arrival in Jayapura our tour starts directly to Lake Sentani. There we will have our lunch break right next to the lake. In the afternoon, check in at Hotel Horex in Sentani where we will also have dinner.

In the morning transfer to Timika airport and scheduled flight with Garuda Indonesia to Denpasar, Bali. Transfer to the already known Hotel Ida. The rest of day will be without programme. This stay only includes breakfast.

Transfer to the airport of Denpasar for your individual onward journey or your return to your home country.

  • Inner-Indonesian flights with Garuda Indonesia (Denpasar - Jayapura / Jayapura - Denpasar)
  • Inner-Papuan flights with Trigana Air (Jayapura - Yahokimo (Dekai) / Wamena - Jayapura)
  • Charter flight for the whole group (Agats - Wamena)
  • International tour guide (German, English)
  • Crew (cook etc.)
  • Porters for the private luggage of the expedition members
  • Motor long boat 
  • Full board, unless stated otherwise (Hotel Ida)
  • Programme according to the itinerary above
  • Travel permit (Surat Jalan)
  • Equipment (tents, cooking dishes) but NO sleeping bags and mattresses!
  • All transfers
  • All entrance fees
  • 2 nights Hotel Ida, Kuta/Bali
  • 3 nights The Baliem Valley Resort
  • 1 night Hotel Anggrek, Agats
  • 1 night Hotel Horex, Sentani
  • International flights to/from Denpasar, Bali (may be booked on request)
  • Airport tax on the international flights arriving at and departing from Denpasar
  • Sleeping bags and sleeping mattresses for the nights in the tent
  • Meals in Bali (Hotel Ida stay only includes breakfast)
  • Beverages in hotels + restaurants
  • Private expenses during the tour
  • Medical precautions and advice
  • Travel insurances
  • The luggage limitation for checked luggage is 15 kg per person  because of valid restrictions on the charter flight and on the national flights.
  • The passport has to be valid at least 6 more months on the day when entering Indonesia.
  • EU citizens will receive a free visa upon arrival.
  • Other citizens please check with the respective embassy if a visa is required for Indonesia and about the procedure. We gladly support you when dealing with this issue.
  • When entering Papua every visitor has to bring 1 passport copy and 2 passport pictures for the travel permit.
  • There could be some changes in the programme due to date variances of the Wamena Highland Show or because of bad weather conditions. However, all points on the agenda will be kept as far as possible.
  • A checklist on what equipment to bring will be send after booking confirmation.
  • The price for the 17 days and 16 nights from/to Denpasar, Bali is 4.990 € in a double room respectively in a double tent.
  • The single room/tent surcharge is 650 € in total.
  • The minimum number of expedition members is 6.
  • Not more than 14 persons may take part in this expedition.
    The level of difficulty on a scale up to 10 is indicated with a 6.
    A certain degree of fitness is assumed. But you definitely do not have to be a top athlete to be an expedition member.
  • It is self-evident that we travel as a group and respect the weakest link in the chain.
  • After receiving the booking confirmation, a deposit of 15% of the total price has to be paid. The remaining payment has to be completed latest 6 weeks before the trip.
  • A cancellation up to 32 days before the trip attracts a cancellation fee of 15% of the total travel price. This non-refundable part may be higher if we already had expenses with hotels and airlines or other service providers which will not, or not completely refund us.
  • Between 31 and 17 days before the trip the cancellation fee is 35%.
  • Between 16 and 11 days before the trip the cancellation fee is 50%.
  • Between 10 days and 1 day before the trip 80% of the total costs have to be paid.
  • Any no show or an early departure will result in a 100% payment of the total price and there will be no refund.