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Argentina is widely seen as the most football enthusiastic country of the world - not without reason. The topic football is deeply rooted in all citizens and the belonging to both the district and its football club shape the entire life. Even if you move away from the area where you grew up the inseparable connection to your club will stay forever. Buenos Aires is the vibrant capital of Argentina and world capital of football at the same time. The number of professional football clubs nowhere on the globe is as high as in Buenos Aires. In no other country of the world football electrifies the masses like in Argentina. Feel the inimitable spirit in Argentina's stadiums. Be right in the middle of the unforgettable atmosphere. Experience for yourself why Argentina has earned this reputation and enjoy South American top level football in fantastic and individual stadiums. Our excellent local contacts enable you to obtain tickets for each match you desire. Watch Primera División games of San Lorenzo, River Plate, Boca Juniors or any other team. Also games of the Argentinian national team are possible. Even the lower divisions are worthile watching and attract a lot of spectators. A special experience are the international matches. Here, in contrary to the national league, supporters of the visiting team are allowed in the stadium if not both teams are from Argentina. Those games you may follow live either in the Copa Libertadores, the equivalent to the European Champions League, or in the Copa Sudamericana, the equivalent to the Europa League. Of course we offer visits of the Argentinian derbys as well. For the supporters and players those are the most important matches of the season against their most despised opponents and not without reason attract football fans from all over the world. Be inside the stadium when the atmosphere is at its climax while San Lorenzo crosses swords with Huracán or visit the most famous derby of the world: River Plate against Boca Juniors. But also outside the capital there are well-known matches like the clásico of Rosario. When Rosario Central meets Newell's Old Boys it is known to be one of the toughest derbys worldwide.

Concerning accommodation options in Buenos Aires we have concentrated our offers on the most popular quarter Palermo. It is not only regarded as one of the safest places of the capital but also has a perfect location towards many football stadiums. Furthermore Palermo has to offer countless bars, restaurants, and lots of different and individual shopping possibilities.

Besides football MEET THE GLOBE offers tailor-made trips and tours throughout Argentina as even if football is the number one priority in Argentina, both, Buenos Aires and the rest of the country have so much more to offer. Perform a unique trip with us.


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