Tanzania - Hadzabe, 4 days


Meet the Hadzabe, one of the most fascinating and oldest tribes in Africa. The tribe is small with only a few hundred still living the traditional lifestyle. The few Hadzabe that remain offer an incredible insight into the lifestyle of our ancestors, they have no tradition of storing food – everything for today is hunted, dug up or gathered today and consumed today. Find out about the challenges these amazing people face. Learn about their social structures and experience the click based language on site. The Hadzabe welcome us into their lives and invite you to join in the daily hunting and gathering as well as any dances or ceremonies. There will be so many unforgettable memories and endless possibilities to shoot very rare and incredible pictures! Time spent with these gentle people is profoundly insightful and gives us an incredible connection to our roots and is a strong contrast to our modern hectic and controlled lives. Come and enjoy a real breath of fresh air!


Day 1

You will be picked up for the transfer in Arusha in the morning or around lunch time in Karatu. The adventure starts by leaving the main road at Karatu, a town on the outskirts of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Driving on a dirt track that drops slowly down towards the shore of Lake Eyasi, initially passing through coffee farms and arable land, closer to the lake the climate is drier and the land becomes more open scrubland. Passing through a few villages of thatched mud huts you reach the area that the Hadzabe tribe uses on the border of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The camp crew will have hurried ahead, found the nomadic Hadza Camp, and set up your lightweight camp nearby. Having settled into the camp you will walk across to meet the Hadzabe for the first time. They have no set schedule to their day so you will have the chance to join in with whatever is happening before returning to your lightweight camp for the night to enjoy drinks around the campfire and a fantastic dinner.

Day 2

An early start for those who want to join the Hadzabe on one of their hunting expeditions. They leave just after dawn and depending on the luck of the hunters and the abundance of game can last from one to four hours and cover up to 10 km. Your guide will be with you throughout and if you feel you have had enough he can lead you back to the camp. Following a successful hunt the Hadzabe will cook and eat their kill and they will be happy to share this with you if you would like. The remainder of the day will be spent with the tribe. This could involve collecting tubers and edible berries, learning about the medicinal uses for plants, including the ones they use to make the poison to bring down bigger game. Perhaps you will go on an expedition following the honey guide bird to collect honey from a wild hive or make more arrows (a seemingly endless task as arrows get lost on the hunt) or maybe visit the special tree where the bow wood is sourced. Having made arrows, you could try your hand at archery and see how incredibly hard the bows are to draw and how difficult it is to hit the target! As the evening draws in the Hadza will often start dancing and always welcome anyone who wants to join in. Finally return to the camp for the night.

Day 3

Another early start for those who would like to go on the hunt again. Alternatively, go back and join the rest of the tribe in their encampment to learn more about their daily routines and traditions. There is always something going on or something new to see, such as a hike over to the ‘birthing tree’ a huge hollowed out baobab where the Hadza women give birth. Every experience here will be an unforgettable one!

Day 4

After having the last chance to shoot some more amazing pictures and take videos we say farewell to the Hadzabe and drive back past the huts and smallholdings of the other tribes in the area – the Datoga and the Barbarig – before slowly heading back up towards Karatu and the richer landscapes full of coffee and other crops. As we ascent the air gets cooler and we reach Karatu. Depending on your further plans you may continue towards the Ngorongoro Highlands or the Serengeti or you return to Arusha. This itinerary can be adjusted and extended to your specific needs. A drop off in Karatu would be during the late morning or in Arusha during the afternoon.

  • Transfers Karatu or Arusha – camp / camp – Karatu or Arusha (other departures or destinations before or after this trip are possible against extra charge)
  • Rare experiences with the Hadzabe as described in the itinerary
  • 3 nights in lightweight wilderness camp
  • Hot breakfasts
  • Picnic lunches
  • Fresh, varied 3-course “family-style” dinners
  • Free filtered water (To cut down the massive number of disposable water bottles you may bring your own bottle which will always be refilled when it is empty.)
  • Free soda
  • Free cold beer during lunch and dinner
  • Free wine during dinner
  • Tour leader: Fantastic walking guide with years of safari experience and qualified as Wilderness First Responder (medical qualification), speaking English and Swahili. Other languages or translators are available against extra charge.
  • Assistant guides and all other staff like cooks and assistant cooks
  • 4x4 safari vehicles with experienced driver guides
  • Park fees (Ngorongoro Conservation Area)
  • Camping fees (Ngorongoro Conservation Area)
  • Hadzabe fees (community entry and conservation fees)
  • Medical kit for the entire group
  • Knight Support air evacuation package
  • International flights to/from Tanzania and domestic transfers within Tanzania to/from Karatu or Arusha (may be booked on request)
  • Private expenses during the tour
  • Medical precautions and advice
  • Visa
  • Travel insurances
  • Tips
  • Maximum 8 sleeping tents (dome tents, standing head room with cots and mattresses, duvet and sheets)
  • 1 airy mess tent (catering for any allergies or dietary requirements possible)
  • No other alcoholic beverages available than those mentioned above. Anyone wishing to consume other drinks is allowed to bring them into the camp.
  • 1 shower tent, bucket-style shower with hot water (20 litres, 1 shower per guest per day in the morning or evening as water is scarce)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and bar of soap provided in the shower tent
  • Towels available
  • 1 toilet tent with water and alcohol hand sanitiser
  • 100 % solar lighting
  • Inverter for battery charging
  • Minimum age 12 years
  • After receiving the booking confirmation, a deposit of 10 % of the total price has to be paid. The remaining payment has to be completed latest 40 days before the trip.
  • A cancellation up to 15 days before the trip attracts a cancellation fee of 50 % of the total travel price.
  • Any later cancellation, no show or early departure will result in a 100 % payment of the total price and there will be no refund.

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