The idea to found a travel company was born in September 2014 in a hotel in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Finally, MEET THE GLOBE was founded in November 2014. The operational business itself began in Dezember 2015.

When at that day in Kigali Gerald Frey made his proposal he already had travelled more than 70 countries. Meanwhile it have been more than 90 and much more will follow. On all this noumerous trips many paths of very special people have been crossed. With many of them contact has been maintained and in the end the idea to found a company was inspired by all those contacts. They always reported many interesting details of their lives and their corner of the globe - and all with so much pride. Being fascinated they kept asking if not more people would be interested in those foreign cultures and the wonderful landscapes. This was always answered with a clear "Yes." Of course others want to undergo the same experiences. But, at that day, there was an objection. One has not been a travel company. Meanwhile this has changed and MEET THE GLOBE now offers a chance to collect unforgettable memories off the beaten tracks.


Our aspiration is to only offer such products to our esteemed customers which were able to persuade us because of their price-performance ratio and which we could experience by our own. As evidence we use our own pictures branded with our log. They proof we were there convincing us for example of an accommodation or the quality of a local partner. As talking pictures should not be our primary focus we also use foreign pictures of our partners for an entire illustration while at the same time being able to more concentrate on the best possible organisation of travel products. Our range of offers and services is being extended constantly. There will also be trips that will be performed for the very first time. Naturally, thereof we can not present our own pictures. These tours will nevertheless be partly bookable on, mostly with a reduced price compared to the future one. It can bee seen as an opening offer because MEET THE GLOBE is testing the planed offer itself at the same time.

For us it is important not to be one out of two thousand travel agencies offering a standard beach holiday. Therefore we will not use our resources. No, we stand for other ways of travelling, for the special moments and spots on the globe, for broadening your horizon of which you will live on for long after your well-deserved holidays.