Antarctic - Antarctic Wildlife Adventure (January 2023)


07.01. - 27.01.2023

During this expedition you will be able to experience pure nature in the white continent. The Antarctic is covered, for the most part, by a dense layer of ice of a thickness of more than 2.000 metres in average. This represents approximately 90% of the ice of the planet. This white continent is one of the largest natural reserves in the world and has a characteristic native fauna that you exclusively will be able to see during this incredible adventure. We will embark in Ushuaia, Argentina. Our luxury expedition ship Sea Spirit will set sail through the South Atlantic Ocean towards the Falkland Islands, further to South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula. Everywhere we will exploit every opportunity to experience excellent wildlife viewing. You will admire stunning scenery and our dinghy (Zodiac) excursions you will remember forever. You will disembark in Ushuaia, Argentina. Get yourself ready for the adventure of your life!


Our luxury expedition ship M/V Sea Spirit is divided into 5 types of decks in which the suites are distributed as follows:

  • Sun Deck:

Owners Suite: Super-spacious (43 square meters/ 463 square feet) elegant suite on the Sun Deck. Designed for entertaining, the Owner's Suite has a separate living room with game and meeting area. A BOSE stereo system provides background music. Or watch videos on the HD plasma TV. Sliding glass doors lead to a private deck. Refresh in the jetted bathtub in en suite facilities. Slumber in the King Size bed. A sofa bed can accommodate a third person.

Premium Suite: The Premium Suites are located on the Sun Deck. Averaging a generous 30 square meters/ 323 square feet, with two twin beds or a King Size bed. Access the private balcony by a sliding glass door. Amenities include: en suite facilities, lounge area, in-room safe, refrigerator, satellite telephone access, TV/DVD, individual temperature control, and hair dryer.

  • Sports Deck:

Deluxe Suite: The Deluxe Suites with balconies are located on the Sports Deck. Averaging 24 square meters/ 258 square feet means plenty of room. Choose from either two twin beds or a King Size bed. A sliding glass door leads to a private balcony. These suites feature a walk-in closet or wardrobe. Amenities include en suite facilities, in-room safe, refrigerator, satellite telephone access, TV/DVD, individual temperature control, and a hair dryer.

  • Club Deck

Superior Suite: Superior Suites are located on the Club Deck. Averaging 20 square meters/ 215 square feet, these cabins feature two twin beds or a King Size bed. The picture window overlooks an outside walkway on the Club Deck. Amenities include: en suite facilities, walk-in closet or wardrobe, in-room safe, refrigerator, satellite telephone access, TV/DVD, individual temperature control, hair dryer.

  • Ocean Deck

Classic Suite: Averaging 21 square meters/226 square feet, these cabins are located on the Oceanus Deck. They feature a picture window, two wardrobes and a choice of either two twin beds or a King Size bed. Amenities include: en suite facilities, in-room safe, refrigerator, satellite telephone access, TV/DVD, individual temperature control and hair dryer.

Triple Classic: Averaging 21 square meters/226 square feet, these staterooms have two twins and a comfortable sofa bed. The twins also convert to a King, if desired. Located on Oceanus Deck, these suites have a picture window, two wardrobes and en suite facilities. Amenities include: in-room safe, refrigerator, satellite telephone access, TV/DVD, individual temperature control, and hair dryer.

  • Main Deck

Main Deck Suite: Averaging 23 square meters/248 square feet, Main Deck cabins are equipped with either two twins or a King Size bed. They are located on the Main Deck with a minimum of two portholes for exterior views. Amenities include: en suite facilities, in-room safe, refrigerator, satellite telephone access, TV/DVD individual temperature control and hair dryer.


Individual arrival in Ushuaia in Argentina, latest until 07.01.2023. Gladly we organise your arrival and departure additionally for you as well as some exciting pre and after itineraries in Argentina and/or Chile.

07.01.2023: Ushuaia
Welcome to Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city and starting point of our Antarctic expedition! Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be welcomed and transferred to a good hotel, which has been arranged by us and is included in the price of the itinerary. For the rest of the day, you are free to explore this vibrant port city and adventure hub.
For an introduction to local history and wildlife, the interesting Museo del Fin del Mundo is worth a visit. If you have additional time to spare, a variety of nature activities can be arranged to suit all interests and fitness levels, from hiking in nearby Tierra del Fuego National Park to wildlife viewing in the Beagle Channel. For dinner, Ushuaia offers a wide range of restaurants featuring Patagonian lamb and delectable Fuegian seafood.

08.01.2023: Embarkation in Ushuaia
After breakfast at your hotel, the morning is yours to enjoy Ushuaia. Explore the delightful waterfront and savor views of the snowcapped Martial Range, the southernmost peaks of the Andes. Take advantage of shopping for souvenirs or some last-minute necessities such as cold-weather gear. Just remember, you will soon receive your very own parka to keep and waterproof boots to borrow on board the ship. For lunch, the many cafés, grills and ice-cream shops on Avenida San Martín will be available to satisfy any appetite.
In the afternoon, you will be transferred to the pier where we will warmly welcome you aboard the luxury expedition vessel M/V Sea Spirit. Get settled in your spacious suite and explore the ship that will be your comfortable home during the extraordinary adventure to come. After getting underway, a full schedule of events kicks off with informative briefings and introductions from your expedition staff. After the first of many delicious dinners on board, step out onto the open decks to admire the scenery and gorgeous evening light as we pass through the Beagle Channel.

09.01.2023: South Atlantic Ocean
After passing the mountainous islands of Tierra del Fuego and Isla de los Estados, we sail northeast. Pelagic seabirds surround the ship as we watch for cetaceans such as Commerson’s dolphins and southern right whales in these productive waters. The ship’s stabilizing fins provide comfort in the event of rough seas. Presentations by our expert naturalists and historians prepare you for our arrival in the Falkland Islands.

10.01 – 11.01.2023: Falkland Islands
The remote and sparsely populated Falkland Islands are a birders’ paradise. Our exploration of the Falklands includes visiting the isolated outlying islands. These bleakly beautiful isles are havens for wildlife. Large colonies of seabirds, perched on windy bluffs overlooking azure seas, are easily accessible by hiking over lush meadows. At this time, black-browed albatross has returned to the islands and are just starting to lay their eggs amongst the tussocks while feisty rockhopper penguins leap up surf-battered cliffs to start building their nests nearby.
On sandy beaches below, gentoo penguins are also starting to lay their eggs while king penguin chicks of all ages look on. They are joined by female elephant seals suckling their newborn pups. Just offshore, you may see Peale’s dolphins and even killer whales patrolling the coasts. A wide range of land birds, including the endemic Cobb’s wren and inquisitive striated caracara, contribute to an abundance of wildlife that will leave nature lovers breathless.
On these days we intend to come alongside the wharf at Stanley, the historic capital of the Falkland Islands. Attractions within pleasant walking distance along the waterfront promenade include the Falkland Islands Museum, the governor’s house, various war memorials, quality gift shops, and charming pubs. Christ Church Cathedral features an impressive whalebone arch and dramatic views of shipwrecks in the harbor.
We also plan to offer an excursion to Gypsy Cove, a national nature reserve where white sand beaches are frequented by numerous bird species, including the endemic Falklands flightless steamer duck. Here you can also see Magellanic penguins, who have just started to lay their eggs in burrows by the seashore.

12.01. - 13.01.2023: Southern Ocean
From the Falkland Islands we head east toward South Georgia, passing the remote, seabird-covered pinnacles known as Shag Rocks on the way. We also cross the Antarctic Convergence, the biological boundary of the Southern Ocean. Briefings, bio-security procedures, and lectures from our staff prepare you for our arrival in South Georgia.

14.01. - 18.01.2023: South Georgia
The next five days will be devoted to the exploration of the unique and spectacular wilderness of South Georgia, home to some of the greatest concentrations of wildlife on the planet. This isolated subantarctic island is said to host upwards of 100 million seabirds, including numerous species of albatross, penguins, prions, petrels, shags, skuas, gulls and terns. Among these is one of the largest flying birds in the world—the wandering albatross. Here you have the opportunity to see large downy chicks stretching their wings after spending the long Antarctic winter on snowy nests overlooking the wild Southern Ocean.
On South Georgia’s legendary beaches, king penguins are gathered in huge colonies that stretch from sandy shorelines to the foothills of glaciated mountains. Also, at this time, hundreds of thousands of macaroni penguins are coming ashore to start their breeding season. Rare birds such as the endemic South Georgia pipit and yellow-billed pintail round out the list of 78 bird species found across the territory. The successfully completed rat eradication program has made this wilderness even more pristine and rich with birdlife.
South Georgia is also home to staggering numbers of southern elephant seals and Antarctic fur seals. At this time, thousands of massive bull elephant seals are defending and occasionally fighting to maintain their harems of females, who have recently given birth. Meanwhile, male fur seals are just arriving to stake out their mating territories. Once hunted nearly to extinction, large whales are also returning to the bountiful seas surrounding South Georgia. With the whalers long gone, the historical whaling station of Grytviken is now home to the excellent South Georgia Museum. Here you will also find the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton, heroic polar explorer and leader of the famous Endurance expedition.
In this rugged yet accessible environment, superb wildlife viewing is best complemented by active adventure. There are many opportunities for guided treks through this snowy wilderness, including the famous Shackleton Walk. For sea kayakers, the wildlife-rich waters of South Georgia offer the chance to paddle with hordes of seals and penguins in some of the world’s most scenic waterways.
This is expedition cruising at its most authentic. Our precise route and exploration opportunities are dependent on weather in this wild and remote corner of the world. Our experienced captain and expedition leader will continually adjust plans to take maximum advantage of the conditions and circumstances at hand. You can be sure that we will take every safe opportunity to go ashore in this challenging environment.

19.01. - 20.01.2023: Scotia Sea
After our amazing time in South Georgia, we proceed southwest towards Antarctica. We keep a constant lookout for humpback and fin whales along the way. The majestic wandering albatross and other graceful sub-Antarctic seabirds are common in these waters and can readily be viewed from panoramic open decks and balconies.

21.01. - 24.01.2023: South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula
During the next 4 days, we undertake an in-depth exploration of the islands near the Antarctic Peninsula. This region contains some of the world’s most impressive scenery and the best wildlife viewing in Antarctica. Sheltered bays and channels sparkle with ice and reflect towering mountain peaks coated in permanent snow and immense glaciers. Icebergs of every size and description complete an image of incomparable beauty. Waters rich with krill are home to huge numbers of marine mammals and seabirds. The whole area is alive with penguins foraging at sea and forming large rookeries at special places on land.
The South Shetland Islands are the northernmost islands in Antarctica and will be our primary area of exploration. This wildly beautiful island chain contains many landing sites with historical significance and abundant wildlife. Among them is Elephant Island, where men from Shackleton’s Endurance expedition spent the winter of 1916. We continue west to King George Island, home to numerous Antarctic research bases of various nationalities, some with gift shops and post offices.
Weather and ice permitting, we also hope to visit the supremely picturesque Gerlache Strait area of the Antarctic Peninsula, a pristine wilderness of spectacular white landscapes, colossal icebergs, obliging marine mammals and bustling penguin colonies. Here we have a chance to land on the continent of Antarctica.
Throughout this area, we encounter gentoo, chinstrap and Adélie penguins, sometimes nesting side by side. At this time of the season, all three species are busy courting and mating. This is a good time to observe the importance of pebbles in penguin culture, as prized nesting material to be stolen from rivals and given to mates. Also, at this time, very high concentrations of sea ice provide more opportunities for seals and penguins to congregate on ice floes, a situation that attracts killer whales. Photographers will appreciate the pristine appearance of fresh, undisturbed snow across the landscape in this early summer month.
Antarctica is a true wilderness with unpredictable weather and ever-changing ice conditions, which will dictate our route and exploration opportunities. With more than 17 hours of daylight per day, we seize every chance to experience excellent wildlife viewing and amazing scenery via Zodiac cruises and shore excursions.

25.01. - 26.01.2023: Drake Passage
It is now time to head north across the Drake Passage toward South America, but the adventure is not quite over. Seabirds are our constant companions and there is always the possibility of whale encounters in these wild waters. This is also the time for festivities such as the Captain’s Farewell Cocktail and the end-of-voyage slideshow. Finally, as we enter the calm Beagle Channel between Chile and Argentina, we enjoy a night of smooth sailing towards Ushuaia.

27.01.2023: Disembarkation in Ushuaia
After a final delicious breakfast on board, we bid you a fond farewell in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. We provide a group transfer to the airport or to the city center if you wish to spend more time in Tierra del Fuego. You will have unforgettable moments and wonderful experiences from the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic. Maybe you will experience the polar fever and you can already look forward to your next polar adventure with MEET THE GLOBE!

  • One pre-voyage night at hotel
  • Group transfers: Airport of Ushaia - hotel (1 day prior to departure), hotel - ship, ship - hotel or city centre of Ushuaia
  • Accommodation in the booked category
  • All meals on board throughout the voyage
  • Tea and coffee station 24 hours daily
  • All scheduled landings/excursions (subject to weather and ice conditions)
  • Experienced expedition leader and expedition team (English and German speaking)
  • Lecturers for the presentations on board
  • Expedition parka specially designed for polar regions
  • Quality rubber boots for shore landings to borrow during the time of the cruise
  • Welcome and farewell cocktails
  • All port fees
  • Pre-departure information material
  • Digital voyage log
  • Wi-Fi on board
  • Transfers from the airport to the hotel if arriving prior to Day 1 of the program.
  • International or internal flights to/from Uruguay and Argentina (may be booked on request)
  • The cost of any applicable medical tests (such as COVID-19) or vaccinations required either by a national government or Poseidon Expeditions before, during or after the cruise
  • Visa and passport fees (if applicable)
  • Luggage and trip cancellation insurance
  • All drinks
  • Kayaking
  • Private expenses during the tour such as laundry and onboard communication (telephone calls, faxes, and e-mail service)
  • Fuel surcharge may be applied for all bookings
  • Emergency evacuation insurance (We recommend a minimum benefit of USD 200,000.)
  • Staff gratuities
  • Medical precautions and advice


The Polar Regions are perhaps the most photogenic parts on the earth, with countless beautiful scenes presenting themselves every day. Endless expanses of ice, beaches crowded with seals or penguins, sunsets over unbroken horizons, starlit skies, and maybe even the majestic polar lights – they all present fantastic photographic opportunities – and in order to make sure that you come home with some spectacular images we offer you the chance to learn and practice your photography alongside an experienced professional. 

Our expert photographer will be on hand to answer your questions and give advice, both in the form of on-board lectures and workshops on shore. Explore the key elements of photography in a fun and relaxed setting, with plenty of opportunities for questions and feedback. Discover in the polar region how light can be perceived in a completely new way and which new image compositions arise here.

This service is available for all passengers without any additional costs.


Sea kayaking 

Do you love adventure and are you looking for the silence and tranquility of a sea kayak trip in the Polar Regions? This unique adventure option gives you the opportunity to conquer the extraordinarily spectacular paddle destinations of the Antarctic. 

A sea kayak trip is a unique opportunity to experience yourself the impressive landscapes and natural worlds of the Polar Regions. Move between imposing icebergs, huge glaciers, crackling pack ice and the fascinating animal world in their natural habitat. Membership in the Sea Kayak Club allows you to discover the Polar Regions in a completely different way - safely and comfortably - as part of a professionally guided kayak tour. Experience the adventure of a lifetime and paddle in our small groups to some of the most breathtaking wilderness locations in the world. Join us on our expedition trips and discover your own polar paradise! 

The activity of course depends very much on the weather. 


  • Falkland, South Georgia, and Antarctic Peninsula: € 855 p. p.
  • Children must be at least 12 years of age to participate in the expedition cruise. However, children between 6-11 years may be accepted on a case by case basis. For that, please contact us in advance.
  • The minimum age for passengers traveling alone is 18 years. Guests 17 years and younger have to travel with an adult (18+) in the same cabin.
  • All passengers are recommended to carry valid evacuation and repatriation insurance which should contain medical and evacuation coverage.
  • As part of pre-departure preparations, we will ask for information as to the insurance company, policy number, amount of coverage and 24-hour contact number. Any risks, not covered by the insurance policy provided, are to be covered by passengers at his/her disposal and at his/her own expense.
  • Before the trip, the customer is obliged to check whether the participation in the trip, with its specific content and route through extreme climatic conditions, is actually compatible with the respective physical condition, constitution, and current state of health. There is only the prescribed medical care on board, limited by the natural conditions of the ship and its on-board doctor. If, according to the travel details of this expedition cruise, the provision of the services is impossible because the traveler is unable to travel due to illness or infirmity or for another reason (e.g. starting the trip without mandatory accompaniment), the customer's claim to the service is excluded. In these cases, the traveler agrees to be examined by a doctor / on-board doctor, who checks the ability to travel and, if necessary, determines that the inability to travel is binding for both parties.
  • Pregnant women are always welcome on the trip. For safety reasons, pregnant women are unfortunately not able to take part in the cruise if they are between the 1st and 13th week of pregnancy while on the cruise or from the 22nd week of pregnancy or later. Women who are in their 14th to 21st week of pregnancy during the entire cruise and who have received confirmation from their doctor that they can participate in the cruise and are fit to travel can participate in the cruise but are explicitly limited to the medical facility on board. Pregnant women who are allowed to take the cruise accept the information given to them with the pre-contractual information for pregnant women with their signature, which their doctor must also sign to confirm that they are fit to travel. If you are pregnant, please let us know and we will send you the appropriate form.
  • Itinerary, landings, and all other activities during the cruise depend strongly on ice and weather conditions and are subject to the decisions of the expedition leader and the captain of the vessel. 
  • Encounters with any mentioned wildlife cannot be guaranteed.
  • Triple Classic: 15.595 €
  • Main Deck Suite: 21.595 €
  • Classic Suite: 22.995 €
  • Superior Suite: 23.495 €
  • Deluxe Suite: 26.395 €
  • Premium Suite: 28.795 €
  • Owner’s Suite: 36.995 €

Rates are quoted per person and based on 2 passengers sharing a cabin or 3 passengers sharing a triple cabin.

If a single traveller prefers to occupy a single cabin, a surcharge must be paid.

Alternatively, we offer to share the cabins with another person of the same gender. In this case no single cabin surcharge is required. If there is no second person, the surcharge will be waived. However, it cannot be guaranteed that, in addition to the same gender, the same nationalities will always share a cabin.

The Classic Triple Suite can only be booked with 3 persons.

The single cabin supplement depends on which suite you sleep in and is calculated as follows.

  • Main Deck Suite, Classic Suite and Superior Suite: 1.7 times the shared rate
  • Deluxe, Premium and Owner’s Suite: 2 times the shared rate
  • After receiving the booking confirmation a deposit of 20% of the total price has to be paid.
  • The balance must be received on our account at least 32 days prior to departure.
  • Cancellation up to 120 days prior to departure costs 10% of the travel price. Therefore, 10% of the travel price is non-refundable.
  • If you cancel between 119 and 91 days prior to departure, 20% of the tour price will be charged.
  • If you cancel between 90 and 30 days prior to departure 50% of the tour price will be charged.
  • If you cancel between 29 and 8 days prior to departure, 85% of the tour price will be charged.
  • For cancellations made 7 days or less before the start of the journey, as well as for a no-show, 95% of the travel price must be paid.
  • In case of early departure, no refund will be made and the entire travel price must be paid.

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