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Learn English at one of the most beautiful places on our globe: Barbados! The most eastern island of the Caribbean has comfortable temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees all year long. English is the common language because the British retained possession of the island from 1627 until the independence in 1966. The well-known Codrington Language Centre is located in Christ Church, in the south of Barbados. It offers motivated highly qualified teachers from 18 different countries. There is a broad variety of courses available. They range from typical vacation courses to official educational leave (Bildungsurlaub, only available to German employees) as well as to complete university programmes. As an extraordinary side programme you will be familiarized with the beauty and culture of this Caribbean island. You have the choice between a variety of excursions. The high number of different courses guarantees a permanent availability of a suitable course for everybody. Improve your English skills, meet classmates from all over the world, and make new friends. The school is organised very professional and offers several classrooms with air condition and native speakers who will develop your English. In addition, you have a wide selection of accommodation options, private home stays, self-catering accommodations and a hotel which is located directly at a wonderful sandy beach. Browse through our options and plan your dream holiday.

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Minimum stay: 2 weeks
  • Number of hours in group lessons: 15
  • Start: Always on a Monday
  • Times: 09:00 am – 12:15 pm, by arrangement 01:15 pm – 04:30 pm also possible
  • Maximum class size: 8 persons
  • Language competences offered: A2 to C1
  • Price per week for a duration up to 4 weeks: 400 €
  • Price per week for a duration of 5 up to 12 weeks: 380 €
  • Price per week for a duration of more than 12 weeks: 360 €
  • Additional fee for excursions during the standard vacation language course: 110 € per week
  • Additional fee for a private lesson during the intensive language course: 70 € per 60 minutes
  • Registration fee per person and course: 95 €
  • Beginners and persons with an A1 language competency can only register for private lessons. If somebody does not show minimum A2 language skills after a course has started, he or she will receive as many private lessons as the total amount paid for the group lessons converted to the price of the private lessons (70 € per 60 minutes) does allow.
  • The date for the last course in 2018 is the 10.12. because the school is closed from 22.12.2018 until 01.01.2019.
  • There are no lessons on public holidays and during Christmas holidays. Furthermore, there are no alternate dates and no refunds. The total price needs to be paid for lessons containing holidays. An overview of the holidays you may see here: Holidays
  • The school also offers group lessons for children, but only for complete groups. They attend the course in the morning. A daily event or excursion will take place in the afternoon as well as one full-day excursion during the weekend. If you are interested please contact us.
  • Certified university programmes are offered in the partner school. They take between 5 weeks and 1 year. If you are interested please contact us.
  • Standard language course for adults
  • The standard vacation language course for adults contains an additional programme to become more familiar with the country and its people and includes visits of tourist attractions. The events take place two times a week for half a day. Children and other fellow travelers can book these events exclusively in each case. The costs are 110 € per week. A full-day excursion on the weekend can be booked against additional costs as well.
  • The intensive language course for adults differs from the standard language course by the possibility to book up to 10 of the 15 hours as private lessons aiming for the highest learning success. Content-related it is the best way to respond to the individual wishes of any participant like the preparation for an English test or practising the English skills for special occupational groups. In addition to the course fee one hour for a private lesson (60 minutes) costs 70 €.
  • Certified educational leave (Bildungsurlaub, only available to German employees) will be bookable soon.

Private home stays

  • 51 € for a double occupancy incl. breakfast and dinner
  • 60 € for a single occupancy incl. breakfast and dinner
  • 9 € for lunch to take away (only on request)
  • All accommodations are located within 30 minutes by car. You will be driven to the school on the first day. Subsequently, you will take the bus which costs 2 USD each way.
  • Airport transfers are for free when using private home stays.

Self-catering accommodations in the Rockley Resort

  • 69 € (single- or double occupancy), 16.04. - 14.12.2018
  • 90 € (single- or double occupancy), from 15.12.2018
  • As of 28 nights (single- or double occupancy) additional discount possible. For any stay from 3 months even more discount possible.
  • The resort is located within easy walking distance to the school, to beautiful beaches as well as to a variety of restaurants and shops.
  • Equipment of the apartments: own bathroom, kitchenette, veranda, WiFi, room cleaning, and shared pool
  • There is a restaurant, a spa, a golf-, and a tennis court on the premises of the resort.
  • 2 bedroom apartments are available on request.
  • An airport transfer can be organised through the school for 22 € one way.

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