Tanzania - 5 Days Ngorongoro + Serengeti


These 5 days will fascinate you in all aspects. The short trip has the best of everything: some fantastic game viewing in both Ngorongoro Crater and the iconic Serengeti National Park as well as a chance to experience some of the unique cultures of Tanzania and a half day walking safari in the Serengeti as a real highlight.


Day 1 
You will be picked up for the transfer in Arusha after breakfast and head south before crossing the Rift Valley to Lake Manyara National Park - a fascinating place – very different to most of the other parks in the area. It is a narrow strip of land sandwiched between the Great Rift escarpment and Lake Manyara itself. The springs at the base of the escarpment produce unique, lush groundwater forests, whilst the lake shore offers open grazing. Whilst the park is famous for its tree climbing lions it is also home to large resident populations of elephant and giraffe. The freshwater stream feeding into the soda waters of the lake are a tremendous feeding ground for hundreds of birds from pelicans to flamingos as well as the favorite wallow of the hippo pods. At mid-afternoon we will leave Manyara and continue our way through the fertile foothills of Ngorongoro before entering the conservation area. Mysigio Camp is nestled amongst the acacia forests on the southern side of the highlands. An idyllic spot away from the hustle and bustle of the Ngorongoro Crater rim and a place where the Maasai still live their traditional lives. Ole Dorop, the local Maasai chief, is our guide as we explore his hilly realm. Perhaps we will have a stop in at a boma or village for a chat or hike to some of the amazing viewpoints that look over the Serengeti Plains.

Day 2
There is nothing else like Ngorongoro Crater - simply amazing - one of the 8th wonders of the world. Ngorongoro Crater is the largest unbroken caldera on the globe with a diameter of around 19 km. It is surrounded by very steep walls rising up to 610 m from the crater floor and once at the floor with its dense wildlife population there are great opportunities for getting close-up wildlife shots with your camera. In just a day you might have a chance to spot the big five, meaning lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo. Furthermore, it is also home to abundant wildlife like zebra, wildebeest, gazelle, velvet monkeys, hyenas, and many more. More than 150 species of birds, which do not exist in the Serengeti, are found here: ostriches, hood cranes and countless flamingos enchant the visitor. After returning to our camp, there will be a chance to visit the local Maasai village. You have the possibility to join in one of their traditional ceremonies or dances.

Day 3
As we descend from the Ngorongoro Highlands we will drive out across the vast Serengeti plains and visit Olduvai Gorge the famous archaeological site en route before moving on to the endless plains because you will not find any hills or mountains, but the plains prevail. Pembezoni Camp is in the heart of this vast wilderness, home to the wildebeest migration.

Day 4
It will be a full day of game viewing and part of it is an amazing walking safari right from the Camp – a chance to really get the feel for the wild African bush. The fantastic guides will explain more about what makes this vast ecosystem tick. The small stuff from fascinating dung beetles to the amazing termite hills will be explained. The Serengeti is famous for the wildebeest migration sweeps through the plains in a huge arc to give birth to their offspring in the early part of the year. These grasslands are also home to pack of predators waiting to pick off the young or lame. Your day will take you in search of the concentrations of game and offer the opportunity to witness this vast spectacle up close.

Day 5   Return to Arusha
After breakfast, we will look out over the vast plains for a last time before heading back towards Arusha. We will picnic en route before arriving Arusha in the mid-afternoon.


• Camping equipment
• Daily meals as per itinerary (in Lodges, camps and while trekking)
• Free filtered water (To cut down the massive number of disposable water bottles you may bring your own bottle which will always be refilled when it is empty.)
• Free soda, beer and wine during dinner
• Tour leader: Fantastic walking guide with years of safari experience and qualified as Wilderness First Responder (medical qualification), speaking English and Swahili.
• Assistant guides and all other staff like cooks and assistant cooks
• 4x4 safari vehicles with experienced driver guides
• Park fees
• Camping fees
• Medical kit for the entire group


• International flights to/from Tanzania (may be booked on request)
• Airport transfers
• Private expenses during the tour
• Medical precautions and advice
• Visa
• Travel insurances
• Tips


• Group size 1 - 16 guests. If you prefer a private tour, just tell us. You  will have a private tour! The prices from the list below are the same for private tours, however you omit the chance to receive a better price through additional clients.
• Available throughout the year
• The price for the 5 days and 4 nights depends on the number of participants. All the prices contain 18 % VAT and park fees per person.

See the following table for a price overview per person:

14 – 16 guests:   2.393 €
   13 guests:        2.417 €
   12 guests:        2.433 €
   11 guests:        2.457 €
   10 guests:        2.491 €
    9 guests:         2.529 €
    8 guests:         2.540 €
    7 guests:         2.559 €
    6 guests:         2.582 €
    5 guests:         2.652 €
    4 guests:         2.882 €
    3 guests:         3.138 €
    2 guests:         3.679 €
    1 guest:          4.449 €

• Single supplement surcharge: 163 € per person, covering all 3 nights.


• After receiving the booking confirmation a deposit of 10 % of the total price has to be paid. The remaining payment has to be completed latest 40 days before the trip.
• A cancellation up to 15 days before the trip attracts a cancellation fee of 50 % of the total travel price.
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